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Hello, I am a English tour guide, MENO Atsuhiro (National Cert. No. EN 06078).

As a National licenced guide, I have broad knowledge on Japanese history, culture, policy and so on. Besides it, as a specialist on plant science and agriculture, I have in depth experience and insight on flower, plant, nature, garden, ecosystem and rural society. Therefore, I can explain many interesting  places from broad view points, such as vegetation of Japanese garden or agriculture policy problems. 日本語ページはこちらです。Japanse page is here

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Cherry blossoms and 5 stories pagoda

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Flowering False anemone/ レンゲショウマ 蓮華升麻

False anemone in Tobogayato garden Posted 02.08.2021

Still, we are having the hottest days, I visited Tonogayato garden and was relieved by a pretty flower of false anemone (Anemonopsis macrophylla, Japanese name Renge-syoma).