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Hello, I am MENO Atsuhiro, a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter (English: Cert. No. EN 06078), and flower and nature lover.日本語ページはこちらです。Japanse page is here

It is my pleasure to guide tourists who are interested in nature, flower, culture and history so on. And I would like to support guests who visit Japan to explore real Japan. This website is sharing useful information of popular tourists’ spot such as temples, shrines, museums and so on, including recent scene on these spots I visit. Also I summarized basic and interesting data of Japan.

If you are interested in Japanese flowers, trees and gardens, please find my another website “Flowers and garden in Japan and More…” in which you can find many beautiful flowers more than 1,500 species, and gardens where you can find many flowers.

I have started to guide tours from April 2020. Please, enjoy Japanese scene and information. I hope If you will be more interested in Japanese nature and culture.


Please find details of my guiding service from here, or jump from “TOUR GUIDING SERVICE” in the menu.

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Tove Jansson Akemobono Forest-park (Moomin park) and Kazi hills (Saitama) (07 June 2020) I went hiking at Kazi hills, Iruma city, with friends of my high school days. Although we talked several times though on-line chatting during stay-at-home period, it was much pleasant to have causal talk in nature. Of cause, we kept social distancing during … Continue reading Tove Jansson Akemobono Forest-park (Moomin park) and Kazi hills

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