Index of model plan

Half day plan

  Popular Plan (Meiji jingu shrine and Asakusa)

  Shinjyuku or Shibuya plan (Meiji jingu and Shinjyuku or Shibuya)

  Imperial palace and Ginza plan (Imperial palace, Tsukiji, Ginza)

One day plan

  Popular plan garden and history (Meiji jingu shrine,Imperial palace, Asakusa, Hamarikyu garden and Ginza)

  Popular Plan tower and history (Imperial palace, Tokyo Tower, Asakusa and Meiji jingu shrine and Ginza)

  Garden and botanical garden plan(Imperial palace, Hamarikyu, koishigawa, Shinjyuku gyoen and Meiji jingu) 

  West Tokyo suburbs nature and history plan (Jindai botanical garden, Jindai temple, Inokashira park and Kichijyouji)


Above written plans are only examples of the popular plan. We can arrange our plan flexibly according your interests and requests.