Model plans

According to your availability and interest in Tokyo, you can select the place where you should go.

Please find your most interesting places, important topics or any other information from list of TEPLE, SHRINE, PALACE and so on in the menu above.

When you find the most interesting place, please explore some model plan below, but we can arrange our more flexible plan as you like.

Half day plan

  Popular Plan (Meiji jingu shrine and Asakusa)

  Shinjyuku or Shibuya plan (Meiji jingu and Shinjyuku or Shibuya)

  Imperial palace and Ginza plan (Imperial palace, Tsukiji, Ginza)

One day plan

  Popular plan; garden and history (Meiji jingu shrine,Imperial palace, Asakusa, Hamarikyu garden and Ginza)

  Popular Plan; tower and history (Imperial palace, Tokyo Tower, Asakusa and Meiji shrine and Ginza)

Odaiba (Odaiba and neighboring area)

  Garden and botanical garden plan(Imperial palace, Hamarikyu, koishigawa, Shinjyuku gyoen and Meiji shrine) 

  West Tokyo suburbs nature and history plan (Jindai botanical garden, Jindai temple, Inokashira park and Kichijyouji)

Seasonal special plan

Cherry blossom viewing plan  (Mid-March to Mid-April); you can watch many kind of varieties of cherries; colors, (Ueno park, Imperial palace and  Shinjyuku gyoen)  (Details will be published soon)