About me

I am Atsuhiro MENO, a National Licensed English Guide (national certified guide, Cert. No. EN 06078) . Before I become a licensed guide, I have long experience as a technical official in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in Japan more than 30 years, and Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations about 5 years.

During my previous carrier as a technical official, I have opportunities to visiting more than 50 countries over the world. The countries I visited are colored in a map below. During visiting these countries, I could find good nature and culture including beautiful flowers and plants as well as I had warm hospitality from many peoples.


So I am very looking forward to meeting people who visit Japan from all over the world, and this is my time to host and support foreign visitors to come to find beautiful Japanese nature and historical places and so on. Please refer more information about an English guide in this web page.