Thousands cherries in Mt. Yoshino, Mountain of Deities of cherries

Now. Mt. Yoshino, a famous place for cherry blossoms that has been respected and loved for more than 1300 years, is in full bloom. The cherry blossoms of Yoshino were worshiped more than 1300 years as a sacred tree since the founder of Shugendo, En no Gyoja, carved the main image, Zao Gongen, on the mountain cherry tree. Zaō Gongen (also spelled Zao) is one of the most important mountain deities of Japan’s syncretic Shugendō sects, a diverse tradition of mountain ascetic practices associated with Shintō beliefs. It is said that there are about 30,000 trees are planted in Yashino … Continue reading Thousands cherries in Mt. Yoshino, Mountain of Deities of cherries

First visit to my guardian shrine and Meiji shrine

Meiji shrine and my guardian shrine (1 January 2021) Tokyo has a gentle and calm New year’s day. Attracted by Japanese apricot’s fragrance, I visited my guidian’s shrine first. I always enjoy this early blooming red double Japanese apricot. It seemed fewer visitors than usual year. Then I went to Meiji shrine where much fewer than usual year. I passed the first Torii gate very smoothly. Very fewer people on the approaching way than the last year. Walking speed became slower after south god’d gate, but much much smoother than average year! There were not so much people at Shibuya … Continue reading First visit to my guardian shrine and Meiji shrine

Visit Nikko Toshogu

Nikko Toshogu  (03 04 2020) Visit Toshogu shrine, start from the Nikko Station (JR line) Walking through a main approach road allied by cryptomeria to the shrine Enter into the precinct through Ishidorii (Stone Torii Gate) After watching a vermilion Gojunoto (Five-Story Pagoda) left side Through main gate; Omotemon (Front Gate) or called Nio gate, gateof Guardian deity Nio or Deva Then to watch “Imaginary Elephants”on a gable of the Kamijinko Storehouse, one of Sanjinko (Three Sacred Storehouses) on right side. And famous Sanzaru (Three Wise Monkeys) on Shinkyusha (Sacred Stable), a stable for the shrine’s sacred horses on left … Continue reading Visit Nikko Toshogu

Yushima Tenjin Japanese apricot festival

Yushima Tenjin (29 02 2020) Yushima tenjin (tenmangu) is famous of Japanese apricot Every year, this shrine hosts “Japanese apricot festival” from February to Early March. This year is warmer than usual year, and now flower has almost near end. There are “Tenjin” or “Tenmongu” shrine in some major city, like Fukuoka, Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo.    Tenjin shrine enshrine Sugawara Michizane, famous scholar in Heian period. Many students who want pass examine come to pray for success in early spring. Worshipers also stroke a statue of  cattle for expecting to heal bad parts of themselves. Continue reading Yushima Tenjin Japanese apricot festival

Atago shrine

Atago shrine (21 Feb 2020) Established on Atago hill in Minato city. Atago hill (23 m high sea level; natural highest place at 23 Tokyo metropolitan city) Red Torii gate in front of “steps to success “ Actute main steps (male steps left side) Gentle slope (female steps right side) From the top of slopes Japanese apricot; the famous legend of Shogunate and young samurai Continue reading Atago shrine

Zojyouji, Kyu Shibarikyu and Hamarikyu garden

Zojyouji, Kyu Shibarikyu and Hamarikyu garden (Jan 20 2020) Start from Zojyouji temple Zojyouji temple main building and Tokyo tower From Sangedatsumon (three spirutual gate) to street outside Shiba Toshogu Shrine Kyu Shiba Rikyu garden Pine with Snow hanging Pond and skyscrapers A couple taking photo for wedding Then visit KYu Hama-rikyu garden Tea house of hawk Taka no ocyaya Gardener caring pine tree Continue reading Zojyouji, Kyu Shibarikyu and Hamarikyu garden