Strolling Higashiyama, Kyoto

Higashiyama Sannei and Ninen slope (10 September 2020) Onde of the most popular and typical Kyoto scene alleys, Higashiyama, from Kiyomizu to Yasha shrine. I was strolling through empty sunset streets, Sannei slope and Ninen slope. This area is usually very popular even after sunset, but currently very quiet because of new coronavirus.

Cherry blossom front (Sakura Zensen)

On March 14 2020, bloom of cherry blossom in Tokyo was declared by the Japan Meteorological Agency, based on 5-6 blossoms confirmed on the standard tree of Someiyoshino variety. It is the earliest record in Tokyo since 1953 when official observation started. It is said 300-600 varieties are cultivated in Japan form early blooming (such as … Continue reading Cherry blossom front (Sakura Zensen)

Zenpukuji park and Inokashira park, cherry blossoms

Zenpukuji park and Inokashira park (15 03 2020) As I heard a news that cherry blossom (in this case Someiyoshino) starts blossom, I visit Zenpukuji park first . This park is famous of calm ponds which water from a natural spring named Osoinoi (slow well). In the park many neighbors visit for relaxing. In the … Continue reading Zenpukuji park and Inokashira park, cherry blossoms