New Year’s first visit in 2023, Tokyo

Happy New Year! New Year’s Day in Tokyo was a peaceful start to the year. After visiting my guardian shrine nearby, then I visited Meiji Jingu shrine and Asakusa Sensoji-temple, to see how many people have come back for New Year’s visits this year. Meiji Jingu in the early afternoon seemed to be a little shorter than it used be before COVID-19, but there were still long lines of people looking forward to the new year. Passing through the first torii made of brand-new cedar, which was rebuilt last July for the first time in about 100 years, and enter … Continue reading New Year’s first visit in 2023, Tokyo

English guide training in Meiji Jingu shrine

I participated in a Meiji Jingu trauning tour sponsored by a volunteer group called the Tokyo City Guide Club, consists of members who have passed the examination of Tokyo city guide license. We enjoyed Meiji Jingu shrine under the beautiful autumn day participating a hands-on training to improve guides’ skills in guiding around Meiji Jingu in English. Each group consisted of about 5 people, and while receiving advice from veterans, we stopped here and there for guiding interesting places. Unlike the online trainings at with COVID19, I learned the difficulty and fun of explaining with ad-libs in the atmosphere of … Continue reading English guide training in Meiji Jingu shrine