Sumiyoshi taisya


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Name: Sumiyoshi-taisha
Place: 2-9-89, Sumiyoshi, Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka,

Founder: Tamomi no Sukune

Foundation: 211
Enshrined: Sokotsutsu no Onomikoto, Nakatsutsu no Onomikoto, Uwatsutsu no Onomikoto, Okinagatarashi-hime no Mikoto (Empress Jingū)
Festival: Otaue Shinji (Sacred Rice Planting) 14 June, Summer  festival  30 July-1 August
Overview: The shrine was established in 211 by empress-regent Jingū, who dedicated the shrine to three gods of the sea, Sokotsutsuno-o no Mikoto, Nakatsutsuno-o no Mikoto, and Uwatsutsuno-o no Mikoto, who are collectively called the Sumiyoshi Sanjin. According to another theory, they also may represent the three bright stars of Orion’s belt, which were used by navigators. After empress-regent Jingū passed away, she was enshrined as the deity Okinagatarashihime no Mikoto. The shrine was built on the shores of Osaka Bay, but natural silt buildup and land reclamation slowly pushed the shoreline westward. The honden, main buildings, are built in the Sumiyoshi-zukuri style and has been designated a national treasure on the grounds that it is the oldest example of shinto architecture.
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