Nijo-jo Castle

Nijo-jo Castle

  • 東大手門 Higashi Ote-mon gate (east gate)
  • 二の丸御殿 Ninomaru-goten palace
  • 唐門 Karamon Gate
  • 二の丸庭園 Ninomaru garden
  • 天守跡 The base of the keep tower
  • 清流園 Seiryu-en garden

Name: Nijo-jo Castle

Place: 541 Nijojocho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, 

Built: 1601: Building was started by Ieyasu, the founder of the TOKUGAWA shogunate, as a residence in Kyoto in 1601, completed during the reign of 3rd Shogun Iemitsu in 1626.

Owner : TOKUGAWA Ieyasu and TOKUGAWA shoguns


Celebration ceremony of the inauguration of the shogun for Ieyasu was operated in 1603.
Declaration of returning the authority to the Imperial Court by 15th Shogun Yoshinobu, was issued In 1867.

Ninomaru Palace consists of five connected separate buildings. One of the most striking features of the buildings are the “nightingale floors” in the corridors that make a chirping sound when walked upon.

The Ninomaru garden was designed by the landscape architect and tea master Kobori Enshū.