Imperial Palace Kyoto

Imperial Palace Kyoto

  • 築地塀 Earthen wall
  • 御車寄 Okurumayose, Carriage porch
  • 朱塗りの月華門 Gekkamon, vermilion gate
  • 承明門から見た紫宸殿 Shishinden from Jomeimon gate
  • 紫宸殿 Shishinden, hall for state ceremonies
  • 健春門 Kenshunmon gate
  • 清涼殿への通路 Corridor to Seiryoden
  • 御池庭 欅橋 Keyagibashi bridge Oikeniwa garden
  • 御常御殿 天皇陛下の儀式と生活の場所 Imperial residential Palace, Otsunegoten

Name: Imperial palace Kyoto

Place: 3 Kyotogyoen, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Gyoen National Garden

Built: The place of palace had been moved several times when it was damaged or destroyed by fire, the present place was served over 500 years since Emperor Kogen (1st Hokucyo Emperor) was enthroned in 1331.The present structures were reconstructed in 1855.

Owner : Imperial family


The history of Kyoto Imperial palace started from 794 when Emperor Kanmu (50th emperor) moved the capital to Heian-kyo (Kyoto). Kyoto Imperial palace was residence of the Japanese emperors until 1869 when Emperor Meiji (122th emperor) moved to Tokyo.

Even after Emperor Meiji moved to Tokyo, the palace was used for important national ceremonies including enthronement ceremonies for Emperor Taisyo (123th emperor)  and Emperor Showa (124th emperor) .

Akihito Emperor Emeritus (125th emperor ) implemented enthronement ceremonies in Imperial Palace Tokyo as well as Naruhito Emperor (126th and current emperor ) had.

The complex currently standing was completed in 1855, with an attempt at reproducing the Heian period architecture and style of the original buildings of the Heian Palace.

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