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Basic data in Japan

Basic fact such as geography, economy, social information and so on, please click here


Data of Japanese agriculture, such as production of main crops, number of farmers, trade and so on, please click here

Japanese religion

Basic fact of Buddhism and Shintoism in Japan, please click here to learn them.

Japanese political system

Basic fact of Japanese political system, please click here to overview of the system.

Rice and Sake

Topics on Japanese staple food, rice and Japanese sake made of rice. Please click here to learn rice and Japanese rice wine.

Tokyo and Edo

Japanese capital, Tokyo, Edo is a former name of Tokyo, history of Edo and Tokyo, please click here.

Imperial family

The Imperial house which has the longest history in the world. Please find more details from here.

Social security

Overview of Japanese social security system, please click here.

Japanese wages

Very brief explanation of Japanese businessman’s wages, please click here.

Housing situation

It is said Japanese housing situation is severe and living in a small house. Please click here.

Cherry and rose

The most loved flower in the world, Cherry and Rose. Please find Japanese situation in here.

Japanese trees

This page is helpful to learn trees commonly seen in Japan, please click here

Similar flower

There are some flowers resemble to others and difficult to distinguish them, please find some tips how to identify similar flowers in Japan. Please click here.