One day popular plan garden and history

One day plan 

Popular Plan: ( Meiji jingu shrine, Imperial palace, Asakusa, Hamarikyu and Ginza)

From Harajyuku (JR station) or Meiji jingu-mae (Metro station)

Meiji jingu shrine (60 min.)

From Meiji jingu-mae (Metro station) to Otemachi  (Metro station) (15 min.)

Imperial palace (45min) (If you want to visit the East garden of Imperial palace, too (90min.)

Otemachi (Metro station) to Asakusa (Metro station) (30 min.)

Asakusa and Sensoji temple (120 min.) (including lunch time)

Asakusa pier to Hamarikyu garden (Water bus by Sumida river) (45 min.)

Hamarikyu garden (40 min.)

From Shinbashi to Ginza or Higashiginza (Metro station) (15 min.)

*If you have 2 hours more, you can chance to watch one-play of kabuki performance)


Please send me if you have any comments or questions on this plan.