One day plan popular place

One day plan 

Popular Plan: (Imperial palace, Tokyo Tower, Asakusa and Meiji jingu shrine)

Hotel start (8:30)

Otemachi  (Metro station) (8:45)

The East Gardens of the Imperial Palace (45min)

(or Niju-bashi Bridge and outer garden of the Imperial Palace 45 min)

Otemachi (Metro station) (9:30)

Kamiyacho (Metro station) (9:45)

Tokyo Tower (45 min)

Kamiyacho (Metro station) (10:40)

Asakusa (Metro station) (11:10)

Sensoji temple (40 min.)

many visitors to take photos of cherry

Nakamise street (lunch and shopping) (60 min.)

Asakusa (Metro station) (13:10)

Meiji jingu-mae (Metro station) (13:50)

Meiji jingu shrine (60 min.)

Torii gate of Meiji shrine

Meiji jingu-mae (Metro station) (15:00)

Higashiginza  (Metro station) (15:30)

Kabuki theater  (Visit tour and shopping 30 min.)

歌舞伎座 Kabuki Theater

*If you have 2 hours more, you can chance to watch one-play of kabuki performance)

Ginza area (shopping 30 min.)

銀座四丁目銀座和光ビル Ginza Wako building at Ginza 4 crossing

Ginza station (16:30)

Hotel arrive (17:00)

Please send me if you have any comments or questions on this plan.