Cherry blossoms and 5 stories pagoda

Half day Popular Plan Meiji jingu shrine and Asakusa

Half day plan 

Popular Plan (Meiji jingu shrine and Asakusa)

Hotel start (8:00 or 13:00)

Harajyuku (JR station) or Meiji jingu-mae (Metro station) (8:30 or 13:30)

Harajyuku Station

Meiji jingu shrine (60 min.)

Torii gate of Meiji shrine

Meiji jingu-mae (Metro station) (9:40 or 14:40)

Asakusa (Metro station) (10:20 or 15:20)

Sensoji temple (40 min.)

many visitors to take photos of cherry

Nakamise street (shopping) (20 min.)

Nakamise shopping street

Asakusa (Metro station) (11:30 or 16:30)

Hotel arrive (12:00 or 17:00)

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