Kiyomizu temple large-scale renovation almost finished

Kiyomizu temple (10 September 2020) I headed down to the Kiyomizu temple where large-scale renovation has been almost finished and temporally cover of main building has been removed recently, from the golden pavilion in Rokuon-ji temple. Visitors climbs up to the main building (overhanging stage) on middle of mountainside of Mt. Otowa through Nio-mon (Deva gate) (left side) or Sai-mon (west gate) besides three-story Pagoda. I was able to look at beautiful renovated cypress bark roof on the building, but repairing floor woods on the famous stage is still undergoing then it will be next spring all scaffolds removed. Otowa … Continue reading Kiyomizu temple large-scale renovation almost finished

Scaffolded the Kinkaku, Golden Pavilion in Rokuon-ji

Kinkaku, Golden Pavilion (10 September 2020) When I arrived at the entrance to the golden pavilion in Rokuon-ji temple I was told that the pavilion was covered by scaffolds to renew wood shingle roof. This repair work has started from the beginning of September and will continue to December. It was a little bit regrettable not to take beautiful picture but I changed my mind it was good chance to see rare scene of the covered pavilion. I strolled in the garden of temple with very few visitors. Continue reading Scaffolded the Kinkaku, Golden Pavilion in Rokuon-ji

Yanaka, Tennoji and Yuyake-dandan

Yanaka  (29 02 2020) At an edge of Yanaka cemetery, Tennoji is located. This temple is famous of sitting Amithaba Buddha statue. In the premises, it used to have a five stories pagoda, but it was burned put in 1957 It was also famous as Tennouji lottery in Edo period, but currently very tranquil temple. The temple is near Yanaka street, casual shopping street, pouplar Yuyake-dandan, sunset steps.   Continue reading Yanaka, Tennoji and Yuyake-dandan

Zojyouji, Kyu Shibarikyu and Hamarikyu garden

Zojyouji, Kyu Shibarikyu and Hamarikyu garden (Jan 20 2020) Start from Zojyouji temple Zojyouji temple main building and Tokyo tower From Sangedatsumon (three spirutual gate) to street outside Shiba Toshogu Shrine Kyu Shiba Rikyu garden Pine with Snow hanging Pond and skyscrapers A couple taking photo for wedding Then visit KYu Hama-rikyu garden Tea house of hawk Taka no ocyaya Gardener caring pine tree Continue reading Zojyouji, Kyu Shibarikyu and Hamarikyu garden

Hamarikyu to Asakusa

Hamarikyu to Asakusa (Jan 04 2020) Start from gate of Hamarikyu garden Gate of Hamarikyu garden (Entrance fee: ¥300) (decoration of Happy new year) Three hundred year’s pine Pine/Bamboo/Japanese Apricot (松竹梅)(Syo-Chiku-Bai) A tidal pond of Hama-rikyu garden A water bus from Hamarikyu to Asakusa (JPY 800 one-way) View of Hamarikyu garden from Shumida river Rainbow bridge Tokyo skytree and Asahi-Beer-tower Go into Senso-ji through Kaminarimon gate Red lantern of Kaminarimon gate Nakamise shopping street Five-storied pagoda and Tokyo Skytree Main building of Sensoji Continue reading Hamarikyu to Asakusa