The three most famous places in Tokyo, must-visit places

There are many interesting places to visit in Tokyo, but if you are the first time to visit to Tokyo, it is recommended visiting the Imperial Palace, Meiji shrine, and Asakusa, Sensoji-temple First, let’s visit the Imperial Palace, which is close to Tokyo Station, the center of Tokyo. The Imperial Palace has been the residence of emperors since the Emperor Meiji moved his residence from Kyoto in 1869 to here, used to be Edo castle of Tokugawa shogunnate, and is now the residence of the 126th Emperor Naruhito and his royal family. Let’s take a look at the main hall, … Continue reading The three most famous places in Tokyo, must-visit places

The most exciting festival in Tokyo, Sanja Matsuri 2022 in ASAKUSA

The most exciting festivals in Tokyo, the Sanja Matsuri “Three Shrine Festival”, has revived for the first time in three years, although some parts scaled down, I’ve been there for three days. After two years of silence, the voice of the festival returns to Asakusa. The night before the first day the head priest of Asakusa Shrine performs a ritual to invite the spirits of the shrine in main building and transfer into the three main mikoshi, portable shrines. Rei-taisai, the most important Shinto ritual held in annually to express for having spent the year safely and pray for future … Continue reading The most exciting festival in Tokyo, Sanja Matsuri 2022 in ASAKUSA

Beautiful peony flowers in Ueno Tosho-gu

Ueno Park is famous for cherry blossom viewing, but after the cherry blossom season, now is time for tree peony and herbaceous peony. At peony garden in Tosho-gu, we can enjoy both peonies, late-blooming tree peony and early-blooming herbaceous peony right now. Ueno Tosho-gu, now in Ueno Park, used be in the vast precincts of Toeizan Kan’eiji Temple during the Edo period, when it was a Shinto and Buddhist syncretism. It was a place visited by many Edo people who was not able to visit Nikko Tosho-gu. This peony garden is located in precincts of Tosho-gu. Both tree peony and … Continue reading Beautiful peony flowers in Ueno Tosho-gu

Thousands cherries in Mt. Yoshino, Mountain of Deities of cherries

Now. Mt. Yoshino, a famous place for cherry blossoms that has been respected and loved for more than 1300 years, is in full bloom. The cherry blossoms of Yoshino were worshiped more than 1300 years as a sacred tree since the founder of Shugendo, En no Gyoja, carved the main image, Zao Gongen, on the mountain cherry tree. Zaō Gongen (also spelled Zao) is one of the most important mountain deities of Japan’s syncretic Shugendō sects, a diverse tradition of mountain ascetic practices associated with Shintō beliefs. It is said that there are about 30,000 trees are planted in Yashino … Continue reading Thousands cherries in Mt. Yoshino, Mountain of Deities of cherries

Omuro-zakura in Ninna-ji temple

Ninna-ji Temple was founded by Emperor Uda in the 4th year of Ninna (888), and has been proud of its high prestige as a monzeki temple (a temple where the head priest is a member of the imperial family, mainly retired Emperor or Emperor Emeritus). Since the cherry blossoms were planted in the precincts during the temple reconstructed by rebuilding main buildings around 1646, it has become famous as Omuro cherry blossoms.  The age of Omuro cherry blossoms from that time would be exceed 360 years. The cherry trees in the temple propagated by cuttings from original trees. Most of … Continue reading Omuro-zakura in Ninna-ji temple

Yamataka Jindai Zakura, The oldest cherry tree in Japan

Yamataka Jindai Zakura is estimated around 2,000 years old and the oldest cherry tree in Japan. The tree is growing in precincts of Jissoji Temple in Hokuto city, Yamanashi prefecture. This tree is recognized as one of the “Three Great Sakura Trees” of Japan, and was designated the country’s first-ever Natural Monument as a cherry tree. Since it was in the middle of the 16th century that Jissoji temple moved to this place, the Jindai cherry has been existed much longer times in here and been respected and loved by the people here. Jindai, or Kamiyo (different pronunciation from same … Continue reading Yamataka Jindai Zakura, The oldest cherry tree in Japan

Kiyomizu temple large-scale renovation almost finished

Kiyomizu temple (10 September 2020) I headed down to the Kiyomizu temple where large-scale renovation has been almost finished and temporally cover of main building has been removed recently, from the golden pavilion in Rokuon-ji temple. Visitors climbs up to the main building (overhanging stage) on middle of mountainside of Mt. Otowa through Nio-mon (Deva gate) (left side) or Sai-mon (west gate) besides three-story Pagoda. I was able to look at beautiful renovated cypress bark roof on the building, but repairing floor woods on the famous stage is still undergoing then it will be next spring all scaffolds removed. Otowa … Continue reading Kiyomizu temple large-scale renovation almost finished

Scaffolded the Kinkaku, Golden Pavilion in Rokuon-ji

Kinkaku, Golden Pavilion (10 September 2020) When I arrived at the entrance to the golden pavilion in Rokuon-ji temple I was told that the pavilion was covered by scaffolds to renew wood shingle roof. This repair work has started from the beginning of September and will continue to December. It was a little bit regrettable not to take beautiful picture but I changed my mind it was good chance to see rare scene of the covered pavilion. I strolled in the garden of temple with very few visitors. Continue reading Scaffolded the Kinkaku, Golden Pavilion in Rokuon-ji

Yanaka, Tennoji and Yuyake-dandan

Yanaka  (29 02 2020) At an edge of Yanaka cemetery, Tennoji is located. This temple is famous of sitting Amithaba Buddha statue. In the premises, it used to have a five stories pagoda, but it was burned put in 1957 It was also famous as Tennouji lottery in Edo period, but currently very tranquil temple. The temple is near Yanaka street, casual shopping street, pouplar Yuyake-dandan, sunset steps.   Continue reading Yanaka, Tennoji and Yuyake-dandan