Frost flower of Shimobashira, Keiskea japonia

Keiskea japonica/ シモバシラ/ 霜柱、霜華

Frost flower is blooming from stems of Keiskea japonia, which belongs to sage family. Keiskea japonia blooms cluster of white flowers in autumn, turn into winter, live roots supply to stems and thin layers of ice are extruded fromstems in cold early morning.

Keiskea japonica/ シモバシラ/ 霜柱、霜華
Keiskea japonica/ シモバシラ/ 霜柱、霜華
Keiskea japonica/ シモバシラ/ 霜柱、霜華
Keiskea japonica/ シモバシラ/ 霜柱、霜華

The plant is loved by Showa Emperor, who was also a botanist.

This flower is an endemic species of Japan and named by famous Japanese botanist Prof. Keisuke Ito.

Tove Jansson Akemobono Forest-park (Moomin park) and Kazi hills

Tove Jansson Akemobono Forest-park (Moomin park) and Kazi hills (Saitama) (07 June 2020)

I went hiking at Kazi hills, Iruma city, with friends of my high school days.

Although we talked several times though on-line chatting during stay-at-home period, it was much pleasant to have causal talk in nature.

Of cause, we kept social distancing during our walking.

At the hill-foot, I enjoyed Tove Jansson Akemobono Forest-park (Moomin park), Hanno city


Syowa kinen park, hot but pleasant day

Syowa kinen park (05 6 2020)

I visited Syowa kinen park with my family for light exercising for out of my shape.

Main entrance of the park

It was a little bit hot nearly 30 degrees Celsius, but wind  from pond of Japanese Iris, Iris ensata,

or under the shade of big Keyaki (Japanese elm) was quite good.

Japanese Iris, Iris ensata

Iris ensata var. ensata/ Japanese iris/ Hanasyoubu ハナショウブ

Keyaki (Zelkova)

Zelkova serrata/ Japanese elm/ Keyaki ケヤキ

 Then we visited the Emperor Show Memorial Museum next to the park first time. I was very impressed by the exhibits showing 87year history of the Emperor.

And we were so lucky as no other visitors in there and a staff was so kindly explained in details one by one including a secret story of the car for the Imperial family.




Spring comes to an Urban Oasis; Hibiya park

Hibiya park (19 03 2020)

Someiyoshino; the most popular cherry variety has just started blooming in Hibiya park.

Cerasus × yedoensis/ Someiyoshino (Cherry) ソメイヨシノ cherry beside a pond

Father variety of Someiyoshino, Osima sakura is also blooming with more whitish petals.

On the ground, many flowers such as Spring star, Grape Hyacinth, Baby blue eyes and Ranunculus are enjoying spring air.

Spring star and Grape Hyacinth

Spring star and Grape Hyacinth

Hibiya park,

Inokashira park, before cherry blossom parties

Inokashira park (08 03 2020)

I visit Inokashira park for checking cherry blossom, since it is expected a main cherry variety “Someiyoshino” will be blooming in a week or 10 days.

Center pond of the park
However, as drizzling and cold, there are few visitors in the park.

White magnolia and Kobushi magnolia have already started blooming.

Taiwan cherry, early blooming pinkish cherry, also blooming.

But, Buds of Someiyoshino look still hard and need more time before blooming.

Cerasus × yedoensis/ Someiyoshino/ ソメイヨシノ 染井吉野
Finally, I find a few flowers just start opening.

And on the ground, wild violet is also start flowering.

Next week! I sure we can enjoy beauty flowers of  Someiyoshino


Musashi-Kyuryo Park, Feel Spring breeze

Musashi-Kyuryo National Government Park (01 03 2020)

Through a main gate to enter the park

Main gate of the park

Sign board at the main gate

On the ground, many spring ephemerals welcome  me in gentle spring sun shine.

Also many pretty flowers are blooming

On the tree, early blooming cherry variety, “Kawadzu zakura” is almost full blossom.

Winter honeysuckle are spreading gentle fragrance

I really enjoy gentle early spring day.

Musashi-Kyuryo Park

Tulip field

Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi park

Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi park (Feb 09 2020)

Start from Harajyuku Station (JR Yamanote line)
Harajyuku Statio

Go into the Meiji Shrine through a front Torii gate.

Nihonsyu barrel with straw cover
Purify by washing hands and a mouth

Main Shrine buildings
Meiji shrine main building

Japanese garden (Inside garden) in Meiji shrine

Japanese garden (Inside garden) in Meiji shrine

Lonicera gracilipes var. glabra/ ウグイスカグラ

Lonicera gracilipes var. glabra/ ウグイスカグラ

A well called Kiyomasa ‘s well

After visiting the shrine, relax in Yoyogi park.