The three most famous places in Tokyo, must-visit places

There are many interesting places to visit in Tokyo, but if you are the first time to visit to Tokyo, it is recommended visiting the Imperial Palace, Meiji shrine, and Asakusa, Sensoji-temple First, let’s visit the Imperial Palace, which is close to Tokyo Station, the center of Tokyo. The Imperial Palace has been the residence of emperors since the Emperor Meiji moved his residence from Kyoto in 1869 to here, used to be Edo castle of Tokugawa shogunnate, and is now the residence of the 126th Emperor Naruhito and his royal family. Let’s take a look at the main hall, … Continue reading The three most famous places in Tokyo, must-visit places

Strolling in Nijo-jo Castle

Nijo-jo Castle (10 September 2020) Nijo-jo castle located not far from the Imperial Palace, which was built as the residence of the Tokugawa shoguns in Kyoto to guard the Imperial palace namely but actually to show the power of the shogun and for vigilance to Emperor. It was eyewitness of 260-year history of the Tokugawa shogunate from the announcement of appointment of first Shogun Ieyasu to the the declaration of last shogun Yoshinobu, returning the authority to the Imperial Court. We can enter it through Higashi Ote-mon gate (east gate), typical massive gate may not be harmonized with surrounding elegant … Continue reading Strolling in Nijo-jo Castle

Learn at Kyoto Imperial palace

 Kyoto Imperial palace (10 September 2020) To visit the Kyoto Imperial Palace, I walked along with long earthen wall with few other visitors after passed in front of Kenreimon gate main gate of the Imperial palace. I was attracted by elegant shape of a carriage porch.It is exclusively used for high ranking courtiers when they attend court rituals or had an audience with the emperor. I was able to feel dignity of the most important but simple design building, Shishinden, hall for state ceremonies, the most important building in the palace, simple but dignified design Kogosyo, it was used to … Continue reading Learn at Kyoto Imperial palace

Visit to Sento Imperial palace and Omiya Imperial palace

Sento Imperial palace and Omiya Imperial palace (10 September 2020) The Sento place was served as a residence for the Emperor Emeritus and the next Omiya palace was built for Empress Dowager in Edo erta. Main gate of Sento palace, only open fro the Imperial family or national guest. The Omiya palace where Empress Dowager Eisho lived in 19th century. Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress and Their Majesties the Emperor Emeritus and Empress Emerita stay at this Palace during royal visits currently after the Imperial palace moved to Tokyo. Japanese apricot in the garden of pine, bamboo and Japanese … Continue reading Visit to Sento Imperial palace and Omiya Imperial palace

Kyoto Gyoen National garden and Kan’in-no-miya residence

Kyoto Gyoen National garden (10 September 2020) Kyoto Gyoen National garden is huge garden including Imperial palace and Sento imperial palace, but start from outside imperial palace. There are 9 gates at Kyoto Gyoen National garden, but most famous one is Hamaguri gate. Hamaguri gate, literally Clam gate, the gate known as unopened except in a case of fire, so opened like heated clam. The official name is Shinzaemon. Huge gravel streets are designed in the garden Also we can enjoy strolling along natural flow named demizu-no-small river I visited Kan’in-no-miya residence, former one of the imperial families’ residence through an … Continue reading Kyoto Gyoen National garden and Kan’in-no-miya residence

The Imperial Palace visiting tour

The Imperial Palace tour (18 06 2020) Tours are conducted twice a day (10:00am and 13:00 one-hour tour, admission free) except Sunday, Monday and national holidays. You can join after registration in advance or on the spot 30 min. before start. (currently numbers are limited 20 persons in advance and 30 persons on the spot by COVID19 influence) The Imperial Palace, former Edo castle where Tokugawa shoguns lived in. In the palace, it can be found mixture of buildings or construction built after Meiji Restoration as well as built in Edo period. Tour starts after through Kikyoumon gate and briefing … Continue reading The Imperial Palace visiting tour