The Miharu Takizakura – Cascading waterfall cherry flowers-

The Miharu Takizakura is one of the most famous cherry blossom trees in Japan, known as one of the three giant cherry trees of Japan. Takizakura belongs a group called Benisidare (Cerasus spachiana var. pendula ‘Itosakura’). The tree is called Miharu Takizakura since growing in Taki area in Miharu town in Fukushima Prefecture. Also, Taki in Japanese means waterfall, reflecting figure of tree’s wide drooping branches around 20 meters like a cascading waterfall. The tree is considered more than 1,000 years old and designated a national treasure in 1922, one of the first designated cherry trees, and cerebrates centennial jubilee. … Continue reading The Miharu Takizakura – Cascading waterfall cherry flowers-

Viewing Cherry in Osaka Mint Bureau -Strolling under the rows of cherry trees-

After the two-year suspension due to the pandemic of the Wuhan virus, in 2022, the passage through the pathways in Osaka Mint is now resumed by taking all possible measures against the virus. Strolling under the rows of cherry trees was started based on the idea that the Director General of the Osaka Mint Bureau at the time of 1883 would enjoy the cherry blossoms on the premises with not only staff but also the local people, and now loved not only by the local people but also the people from all over world. It has been inherited to be … Continue reading Viewing Cherry in Osaka Mint Bureau -Strolling under the rows of cherry trees-

Strolling at Kichijoji

Kichijyoji (30 7 2020) Kichijyoji, only 15 min. by train from Shinjuku, has many faces loved by all generations. Let’s start from a statue of elephant Hanako, the oldest elephant lived in Japanese zoo, past away at 2016 at 69 years old, in front of the station. Near the station, many customers were in lines in front of popular shops. Some popular old shops are in line on the streets A little walk from the station, many stylish or eccentric looking shops are coming into view. Near the shopping street, some temples such as Ensoji are locating but no Kichijyoji … Continue reading Strolling at Kichijoji

One-day trip to Kawagoe

Kowagoe (05 7 2020) Kawagoe, located about 50km north-west and the nearest castle town from Edo (former name of Tokyo). Kawagoe castle was important castle as a defense fort and many important feudal loads, such as Matsudaira clam or Sakai clam were deployed.  I visited a part of former main buildings of Kawagoe castle, recently Then I visited picturesque Hikawa shrine. famous for instagrammers. Then I walked around traditional snacks street and watched a bell tower in warehouse district in short time. This tourists spot 1hour from Tokyo starts getting visitors by and by after almost shut down by new … Continue reading One-day trip to Kawagoe

Cherry blossom front (Sakura Zensen)

On March 14 2020, bloom of cherry blossom in Tokyo was declared by the Japan Meteorological Agency, based on 5-6 blossoms confirmed on the standard tree of Someiyoshino variety. It is the earliest record in Tokyo since 1953 when official observation started. It is said 300-600 varieties are cultivated in Japan form early blooming (such as Atami-zakura start blooming January) to late variety (such as Kenrokuken-kikuzakura blooming in May ), but it is said the most popular variety “Someiyoshino” is sharing about 80% of planted cherry and grown in almost all Japan (except Okinawa and Hokkaido). If you are interested in … Continue reading Cherry blossom front (Sakura Zensen)

Zenpukuji park and Inokashira park, cherry blossoms

Zenpukuji park and Inokashira park (15 03 2020) As I heard a news that cherry blossom (in this case Someiyoshino) starts blossom, I visit Zenpukuji park first . This park is famous of calm ponds which water from a natural spring named Osoinoi (slow well). In the park many neighbors visit for relaxing. In the park, kanhizakura (Taiwan cherry) blooms with eye-catching strong pink flowers. And a few flowers of Someiyochino variety has been opened already. I stroll along a small stream between two ponds. I can find many flowers of Japanese andromeda in the park. And then I move … Continue reading Zenpukuji park and Inokashira park, cherry blossoms

Yanaka, Tennoji and Yuyake-dandan

Yanaka  (29 02 2020) At an edge of Yanaka cemetery, Tennoji is located. This temple is famous of sitting Amithaba Buddha statue. In the premises, it used to have a five stories pagoda, but it was burned put in 1957 It was also famous as Tennouji lottery in Edo period, but currently very tranquil temple. The temple is near Yanaka street, casual shopping street, pouplar Yuyake-dandan, sunset steps.   Continue reading Yanaka, Tennoji and Yuyake-dandan