Visit to Tonogayako garden

Tonogayako garden (9 August 2020) I visited Tonogayako garden near Kokubunnji station. The garden is located on the southern edge of the Kokubunji rift line. The natural flora in the Musashi plateau and the cliff-like rift area are well protected. When I overlooked Jiro Benten Pond from a bower on the cliff listening songs of cicada and sound of “shishiodoshi”; water filled bamboo clacking against rock, I was able to forget noisy urban sound and scorching heat. As I walked around by watching summer or autumn flower such as false anemone, bush clover or patrinia, I found a jewel beetle. … Continue reading Visit to Tonogayako garden

The Imperial Palace visiting tour

The Imperial Palace tour (18 06 2020) Tours are conducted twice a day (10:00am and 13:00 one-hour tour, admission free) except Sunday, Monday and national holidays. You can join after registration in advance or on the spot 30 min. before start. (currently numbers are limited 20 persons in advance and 30 persons on the spot by COVID19 influence) The Imperial Palace, former Edo castle where Tokugawa shoguns lived in. In the palace, it can be found mixture of buildings or construction built after Meiji Restoration as well as built in Edo period. Tour starts after through Kikyoumon gate and briefing … Continue reading The Imperial Palace visiting tour

I have visited a reopened Shinjuku Gyoen garden

Shinjuku Gyoen (02 06 2020) I visited Shinjuku gyoen garden yesterday at the day of reopen after the lift of emergency declaration. This garden is divided into mainly 4 parts, such as Japanese garden (strolling style) , Landscape garden (English style), Formal garden (French style) and man-made nature harmonized forest (Satoyama, mother and child forest)   Landscape garden area, we can be relaxed on the lawn of the garden. Also we can see scape of sky scraper backdrop of the scene. Very cozy area! Let’s move to Japanese garden, typical garden style of strolling around pond. I was very relaxed … Continue reading I have visited a reopened Shinjuku Gyoen garden

Zojyouji, Kyu Shibarikyu and Hamarikyu garden

Zojyouji, Kyu Shibarikyu and Hamarikyu garden (Jan 20 2020) Start from Zojyouji temple Zojyouji temple main building and Tokyo tower From Sangedatsumon (three spirutual gate) to street outside Shiba Toshogu Shrine Kyu Shiba Rikyu garden Pine with Snow hanging Pond and skyscrapers A couple taking photo for wedding Then visit KYu Hama-rikyu garden Tea house of hawk Taka no ocyaya Gardener caring pine tree Continue reading Zojyouji, Kyu Shibarikyu and Hamarikyu garden

Hamarikyu to Asakusa

Hamarikyu to Asakusa (Jan 04 2020) Start from gate of Hamarikyu garden Gate of Hamarikyu garden (Entrance fee: ¥300) (decoration of Happy new year) Three hundred year’s pine Pine/Bamboo/Japanese Apricot (松竹梅)(Syo-Chiku-Bai) A tidal pond of Hama-rikyu garden A water bus from Hamarikyu to Asakusa (JPY 800 one-way) View of Hamarikyu garden from Shumida river Rainbow bridge Tokyo skytree and Asahi-Beer-tower Go into Senso-ji through Kaminarimon gate Red lantern of Kaminarimon gate Nakamise shopping street Five-storied pagoda and Tokyo Skytree Main building of Sensoji Continue reading Hamarikyu to Asakusa