Sky blue carpet of Baby blue eyes

I enjoyed two-hour drive for watching sky blue carpet by Nemophila or Baby blue eyes in Hitachi Seaside park. Many flowers bloom earlier than usual year in this year but differences from normal year look depend on each species or varieties, so it is hard to find best timing of them.

I visited there me avoiding the overclouded park but it seemed a little bit earlier than the best for watching, however this weekend can be the best time if we have good weather and warm days in couple days.

Contrast of yellow of rape seed follower and sky blue is also very attractive and beautiful.

Cherry, Five story pagoda and Mountain Fuji

I visited popular viewing spot cherry and a Chreito Pagoda (Cenotaph monument) in Mt. Arakura Sengen park in Fujiyoshida city.

I enjoyed special view of the pagoda and Mt. Fuji in a shower of cherry blossom. Although I was not able to watch whole figure of Mt. Fuji and it was difficult to take a good phot of cherry shower, I enjoyed beautiful spring scene.

And I moved to Kofu basin for searching another iconic spring view, earthly paradise or spreading peach blossom spring.

And then I relaxed in a hot spring with panorama view of Kofu basin and Mt. Fuji. 

Tama forest science garden in Takao Mt.

I visited Tama forest science garden belong to Forestry agency where has been closed by damage of a typhoon 1 year and half ago and COVID19. Now it is reopened and I enjoyed many varieties of cherries in mountain foot of Mt. Takao. Cherry in mountain has different attractive character than cherry in downtown.

We can watch from upper side of mountain on of tree and can find other face of charry. Please enjoy many pictures of cherry including some unique varieties.

Shinjuku gyoen cherry report 2

I have visited to the Shinjuku-gyoen for checking cherry blooming, again.

Comparing to the last week, it is starting blooming mid- to late-glooming varieties while still Somei-yoshino keeping their flowers, so I can enjoy various colors and shape like purplish scarlet “Cyosyu-hizakura, to green yellow Ukon.

And simple petal’s Smei-yoshino and Ichiyo and Fugenzo are their green small leaflet in the flowers.   

Shinjuku Gyoen Cherry report

Just after lift-off COVID emergency declaration, I visited Shinjuku Gyoen garden. In the garden I enjoyed varieties of scene of cherry blossom as well as many kinds of cherry varieties.

Somei Yoshino, the most popular variety, was 50%-70% blossom and will be soon full blooming. Earlier blooming variety, like Yoko or Edo higan (weeping) have already past best time.

We can enjoy many interesting varieties collected from all over the Japan. Late blooming, double petal varieties like Ichiyo or Kanzan will be good time one or two weeks, I am looking forward to watching again.

It is still restriction like only booked visitors or with annual pass can enter the garden even after reopening, so many visitors were crowded and confused. I cannot understand such restriction since not so many visitors inside the park or no meaning of closing such open space. I am a little bit worried about confusion in the weekend.