Seminar on agriculture and environment, Japan-ASEAN Youth Leaders Exchange Program

I was invited to a seminar called the Japan-ASEAN Youth Leaders Exchange Program in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Japan-ASEAN friendship and cooperation, which is being implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I talked about the issues and experiences in Japan. I have explained and exchanged opinions about food safety and the relationship between agriculture and environmental issues, which are of particular interest to consumers and social. For preparing the conference, when I checked agriculture in ASEAN I found that there were many common and interesting things with Japan,  there is also data that is more advanced than … Continue reading Seminar on agriculture and environment, Japan-ASEAN Youth Leaders Exchange Program

A little maniac guide to Tokyo

I guided a Hong Kong-Canadian family from Poland to Asakusa, Akihabara, Harajuku Takeshita Street, and Shinjuku Golden Gai. Since they have gotten used to Tokyo a little bit, they requested places that are a little more maniacal, such as maid cafes and figure shops, which are difficult for foreigners to go to alone. An inspection in advance was a little tough, but it seems that the whole family was excited and enjoyed it. Continue reading A little maniac guide to Tokyo

I have enjoyed the early blooming cherry blossom in Kawadzu

In the hometown of Kawazu cherry, popular early-blooming cherry, often seen in also Tokyo, I enjoyed blossom viewing a little earlier. It seems that this year is more than a week behind last year, it was the earliest cherry blossoms season, but the original tree of this variety has been just in full bloom. Large, slightly purplish-scarlet flowers bloom in a slightly downward inflorescence looks like ball. The color of the flowers and the early blooming that blooms downward are considered to be the influence of the Taiwan cherry (Cerasus campanulata), and the large size of flower is coming from … Continue reading I have enjoyed the early blooming cherry blossom in Kawadzu

False anemone in Tonogayato garden

Still, we are having the hottest days, I visited Tonogayato garden and was relieved by a pretty flower of false anemone (Anemonopsis macrophylla, Japanese name Renge-syoma). This plant blooms pale lavender color flower looks like anemone or spring ephemeral in middle of hot summer. The garden is not so large but attractive garden featuring three different types of landscape using unique natural terrain as edge of the Musashino plateau. This place was used as a villa of founder of Mitsubishi zaibatu, Iwasaki family and well-designed of combination of western style landscape garden and Japanese traditional garden of strolling around pond. … Continue reading False anemone in Tonogayato garden

Tanabata, Star Festival in Kamakura

I visited Kamakura in Tanabata, Star Festival, which was a just brief stop middle of the rainy season. The hydrangea was past its peak, but I felt summer in the occasional sunlight on the Tanabata decoration. Kamakura is not so large, but this time I visited around the main popular tourist spots efficiently with a one-day free ticket called an “environmental permit” that allows free rides on some sections of the bus and Enoden railway in center of Kamakura. Kamakura is located one hour railway travel from heart of Tokyo, suitable one day trip from Tokyo. Continue reading Tanabata, Star Festival in Kamakura

Reopen Jindai botanical garden

I visited Jindai botanical garden, just reopened yesterday after three months closure by COVID19 pandemic. Yesterday was rainy and windy and very few visitors were there. Many roses have passed their best time in spring, but a few varieties are still blooming and waiting visitors. Japanese water iris, which can be still in best time, but looks a little bit somewhat lonely by blowing in wind. We can expect to enjoy hydrangea for a while in rainy season. So, I will revisit here in soon in good day again. Continue reading Reopen Jindai botanical garden

Exhibition of Frolicking Animals

Yesterday, I went to Tokyo National Museum, it has been reopened from 1 of June after temporally closure from 25 April because of COVID19 emergency declaration of Tokyo area, to watch the special exhibition on National Treasure “Frolicking Animals”. This picture scroll, consists of 4 rolls and total 44m, is one of the most famous works in the history of Japanese painting. It depicts the activities of anthropomorphized animals and people in energetic monochrome ink lines. This exhibition is so popular to hard to get a ticket, but I can manage to buy tickets on late evening yesterday. Visitors are … Continue reading Exhibition of Frolicking Animals

Tengu and nature mountain, Takao

I visited Mt. Takao and prayed Tengu, long-nosed demon-like beings, to end-up the pandemic of COVID19, among most of the popular places in Tokyo were closed because of the third emergency declaration of COVID19. The place gained the Michelin three stars several years ago and becomes popular with foreigners as a place where we can enjoy the nature and religious facilities only one-hour trip from the heart of Tokyo. In the future, I may guide foreign guests, so I wanted to check many walking paths as much as possible. Takao-san Yakuo-in, a temple of syncretism of Shinto and Buddhism, on … Continue reading Tengu and nature mountain, Takao

Sky blue carpet of Baby blue eyes

I enjoyed two-hour drive for watching sky blue carpet by Nemophila or Baby blue eyes in Hitachi Seaside park. Many flowers bloom earlier than usual year in this year but differences from normal year look depend on each species or varieties, so it is hard to find best timing of them. I visited there me avoiding the overclouded park but it seemed a little bit earlier than the best for watching, however this weekend can be the best time if we have good weather and warm days in couple days. Contrast of yellow of rape seed follower and sky blue … Continue reading Sky blue carpet of Baby blue eyes

Cherry, Five story pagoda and Mountain Fuji

I visited popular viewing spot cherry and a Chreito Pagoda (Cenotaph monument) in Mt. Arakura Sengen park in Fujiyoshida city. I enjoyed special view of the pagoda and Mt. Fuji in a shower of cherry blossom. Although I was not able to watch whole figure of Mt. Fuji and it was difficult to take a good phot of cherry shower, I enjoyed beautiful spring scene. And I moved to Kofu basin for searching another iconic spring view, earthly paradise or spreading peach blossom spring. And then I relaxed in a hot spring with panorama view of Kofu basin and Mt. … Continue reading Cherry, Five story pagoda and Mountain Fuji