Zenpukuji park and Inokashira park, cherry blossoms

Zenpukuji park and Inokashira park (15 03 2020) As I heard a news that cherry blossom (in this case Someiyoshino) starts blossom, I visit Zenpukuji park first . This park is famous of calm ponds which water from a natural spring named Osoinoi (slow well). In the park many neighbors visit for relaxing. In the … Continue reading Zenpukuji park and Inokashira park, cherry blossoms

Inokashira park, before cherry blossom parties

Inokashira park (08 03 2020) I visit Inokashira park for checking cherry blossom, since it is expected a main cherry variety "Someiyoshino" will be blooming in a week or 10 days. However, as drizzling and cold, there are few visitors in the park. White magnolia and Kobushi magnolia have already started blooming. Taiwan cherry, early … Continue reading Inokashira park, before cherry blossom parties

Musashi-Kyuryo Park, Feel Spring breeze

Musashi-Kyuryo National Government Park (01 03 2020) Through a main gate to enter the park On the ground, many spring ephemerals welcome  me in gentle spring sun shine. Also many pretty flowers are blooming On the tree, early blooming cherry variety, "Kawadzu zakura" is almost full blossom. Winter honeysuckle are spreading gentle fragrance I really … Continue reading Musashi-Kyuryo Park, Feel Spring breeze

Nikko (in a training course)

Nikko (23 02 2020) Omotemon (Front Gate) of Toshoguu Five stories pagoda Turtle stone (hiding stone of pole hole) Main road to Yomei gate Statue of three wise men (at Yomei gate) Sleeping cat (Nemuri neko) Kara gate of Main building Cyuzenji lake and Nantai mountain Ryudu (dragon head) fall Kegon fall