Seminar on agriculture and environment, Japan-ASEAN Youth Leaders Exchange Program

I was invited to a seminar called the Japan-ASEAN Youth Leaders Exchange Program in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Japan-ASEAN friendship and cooperation, which is being implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I talked about the issues and experiences in Japan. I have explained and exchanged opinions about food safety and the relationship between agriculture and environmental issues, which are of particular interest to consumers and social.

For preparing the conference, when I checked agriculture in ASEAN I found that there were many common and interesting things with Japan,  there is also data that is more advanced than Japan, such as the density rate of mobile phones. 

It was the first time such a face-to-face meeting in more than three years after the outbreak of COVID-19, and I was a little nervous at first.

However, since I was able to feel the eyes of young students directly and feel a common sense of unity is an exciting that is not found in online meetings.

I have also uploaded the materials I used on my website. If you are interested in agriculture in Japan and ASEAN, please take a look.

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