New Year’s first visit in 2023, Tokyo

Happy New Year! New Year’s Day in Tokyo was a peaceful start to the year.

After visiting my guardian shrine nearby, then I visited Meiji Jingu shrine and Asakusa Sensoji-temple, to see how many people have come back for New Year’s visits this year. Meiji Jingu in the early afternoon seemed to be a little shorter than it used be before COVID-19, but there were still long lines of people looking forward to the new year.

Passing through the first torii made of brand-new cedar, which was rebuilt last July for the first time in about 100 years, and enter the precincts. In front of the second torii gate, where worshipers from the north approach join, control line is created and entrances are alternated.

Once you pass through the second cypress torii gate, which is the largest wooden torii gate in Japan, our speed will slow down.

We can see the South Shinmon Gate, but we couldn’t make much progress. From the front of the chozuya, purification fountain, in front of the third torii gate, a small number of people move forward, so we can rinse our hands and mouth relatively slowly at the chozuya.

Finally, we pass through the South Shinmon Gate and arrive at the patio in front of the main hall. And finally, the time has come to pray.

By the time I finished my pray, evening was approaching. Now, let’s head to Sensoji Temple.

It was already dark when I arrived at Sensoji Temple. After a short detour in front of Kaminarimon,

Thundar gate, head to Nakamise Street. Stroll around Nakamise Street while shopping. Little by little we will slow down.

As we approach Hozomon, treasure gate, we are only able to move forward little by little, but everyone, follow the police’s instructions and proceed slowly.

Finally, we pass through the Hozomon gate and enter the precincts. At the bottom of the large red lantern, a dragon, guardian that protects Sensoji Temple from fire is carved.Illuminated five-storied pagoda, main hall, Hozomon and Sky Tree are also beautiful.

Finally, the main hall is approaching. We will be divided into some numbers of group of people into the main hall little by little to enter.

When we enter the main hall, we will pray for a happiness of this year as the monks recite sutras.

And let’s visit Asakusa Shrine in the same precincts. The mikoshi, portal shrine, which plays a leading role in the Sanja festival in May, is also displayed today.

I hope that this year will be a bright year in which people from all over the world can enjoy Japan peacefully. I wish we all have a happy year.

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