Debut of Tokyo Volunteer Guides, Machinaka community tourist information

I joined to a member of Tokyo Volunteer Guides, Machinaka community tourist information, in Asakusa area yesterday. We supported tourists, including foreigners, who are in trouble for finding their routes to target spots or any other troubles.

At the exit of the subway, people who don’t know the location of the nearby Kaminarimon, guidance on the subway route on the way home, etc. It was a short time, but it was a debut for me two and a half years after my registration.

After finishing the guide work, I took a short stroll in the town of Asakusa. It makes me happy to see that the number of tourists is increasing day by day. I was a little hungry, and dropped into a sweet shop of grilled rice cake, dango, where I found an automatic money exchange.

It may have been there before, but the scenery I see may change a little when I do sightseeing volunteers. At the end, I prayed to Kannon bodhisattva for the end of COVID19.

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