English guide training in Meiji Jingu shrine

I participated in a Meiji Jingu trauning tour sponsored by a volunteer group called the Tokyo City Guide Club, consists of members who have passed the examination of Tokyo city guide license.

We enjoyed Meiji Jingu shrine under the beautiful autumn day participating a hands-on training to improve guides’ skills in guiding around Meiji Jingu in English. Each group consisted of about 5 people, and while receiving advice from veterans, we stopped here and there for guiding interesting places.

Unlike the online trainings at with COVID19, I learned the difficulty and fun of explaining with ad-libs in the atmosphere of the place. It was a very meaningful day as I received advice from everyone in the same group about how to properly use the paper flip and pictures in tablet that I prepared.

I uploaded some pictures of staffs working at Meiji Jingu this time. Please pay attention to the color and pattern of the priest’s hakama, Japanese pants.

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