Yanaka walk

Yanaka or sometimes we call Yanesen (combined Yanaka, Nezu, Sendaagi) is a town where we can enjoy the nostalgic lifestyle of the common people while retaining the atmosphere of the old downtown Tokyo. Located to the north of Kan’eiji Temple, which received special protection from the Tokugawa Shogunate (most of precinct is now converted to Ueno Park), there are many shrines and temples such as Tennoji, Nezu Shrine, and graveyards such as Yanaka Cemetery, where grave of TOKUGAWA Yoshinomu, 15th and the last shogun is settled Yanaka Cemetery is a mixture of public and private cemeteries. The public cemetery managed … Continue reading Yanaka walk

Bon Odori dance festivals

Bon Odori dance festivals were held here and there in Tokyo in this summer. Many festivals have been canceled for two years due to the COVID19, and the first time in three years. I visited Nakano bon-odori festival, one of the biggest festivals in Tokyo. Before arriving the place, I was thinking just to watch the festival, but the rhythm of the dance song naturally moves the body. It’s nice to be able to easily remember dances with simple pattern, such as Tokyo Ondo and Tanko Bushi, and feel free to participate. However, I couldn’t dance Kawachi Ondo as well … Continue reading Bon Odori dance festivals