Otaue, rice planting, festival at Isasumi Shrine, Aizu

Isasumi Shrine, the Chief Shinto shrine for the former Iwashiro province located in Aizu-misato popular by annual otaue, or rice planting, Shinto ritual praying good harvest.

Aizu-Misato is historic town in a quiet rural landscape located just west of Aizu-Wakamatsu, which is famous for Tsuruga Castle well-known by Boshin War at the end of Edo era.

The rice planting festival at Isasumi Shrine is a traditional ritual that has continued since the Edo period. This ritual festival consists of many events including Singh chasing and Mikoshi togyo, parade of portable shrine by local children and adults between main building of Isasumi Shrine and Mita Shrine, meaning puddy shrine which is located about 1km north of the head office.

 The masks of lion, cow, horse, and deer delivered from the head office of Isasumi Shrine to Mita Shrine are handed over to boys and return to the head office of Isasumi Shrine. 

A parade of portable shrines is proceeded with Deko-sama dolls (deity of puddy), Saotome, rice planting meiden, precious hourse, priests, consists of than 200 people depart for Mita Shrine. The procession goes on with Saibara music old Japanese folk song style.

When the parade of portal shrine arrives at Mita Shrine, the rice planting ceremony begins at precious puddy in the precincts. After Deko-sama dolls (deity of puddy) walk though for purifying the rice fields, a maiden dressed as a Saotome (rice planiting girl) perform the rice plantinmg performance.

You can enjoy whole retual festival by my YouTube video.

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