Tropical Dream Botanical Garden, Ocean Expo Park in Okinawa

Okinawa, rainy season is over, and we can enjoy paradise in the jewel islands in South Sea. Churaumi Aquarium is famous in Marine Expo Park. Watching whale shark, which has the longest breeding record of 27 years, and Manta rays swimming leisurely makes me forget the hustle and bustle of the city and stress of city life. And in this large ocean expo park, the Tropical Botanical Garden, Dream Center, is as entertaining as the Churaumi Aquarium. In this botanical garden, tropical plants bloom even outdoors, and we can watch beautiful tropical flowers and fruits outdoors and, in the greenhouse, … Continue reading Tropical Dream Botanical Garden, Ocean Expo Park in Okinawa

 Amazing iris in Meiji shrine

The most popular shrine in heart of Tokyo, Meiji Shrine, we can enjoy beutiful iris in the garden of the sheine in June. After I visited main buildings of the shrine, where I could see couple who were having wedding celemony in traditional Japanese style. After I prayed peace and happiness, then I visited the inner garden and enjoyed beautiful iris in marsh. Please enjoy my YouTube video for watching beautiful iris. Continue reading  Amazing iris in Meiji shrine