Beautiful peony flowers in Ueno Tosho-gu

Ueno Park is famous for cherry blossom viewing, but after the cherry blossom season, now is time for tree peony and herbaceous peony. At peony garden in Tosho-gu, we can enjoy both peonies, late-blooming tree peony and early-blooming herbaceous peony right now. Ueno Tosho-gu, now in Ueno Park, used be in the vast precincts of Toeizan Kan’eiji Temple during the Edo period, when it was a Shinto and Buddhist syncretism. It was a place visited by many Edo people who was not able to visit Nikko Tosho-gu. This peony garden is located in precincts of Tosho-gu. Both tree peony and … Continue reading Beautiful peony flowers in Ueno Tosho-gu