Wisteria floribunda/ Japanese wisteria/ ノダフジ

Marvelous Wisteria, 1,200years old wisteria

I visited Tokaen for enjoying the wisteria of Ushijima, nearing full bloom. Let’s enjoy flower of wisteria! A wisteria in Ushijima is more than 1200 years old. It is said that it is the oldest wisteria in Japan. It is designated as a natural treasure and the Special Natural Protected Tree.

The wisteria is also called nine-syaku (It is about 2m70cm in the old unit of length in Japan) wisteria and it was recorded almost 3-meter- long bunch of flowers in Meiji era. Its flowers can still drape to up to two meters.

It is said that wisteria grows inflorescence about 10 cm in a day when the weather is good. Now, it seems that it blooms half to three quarters to full blooming, and the long one is about 1m50cm.

However, when the wisteria is in full bloom, the color fades a little, so the color may be the most beautiful time now.

Wisteria floribunda/ Japanese wisteria/ ノダフジ

When we enter the wisteria shelf, we will be surrounded by a sweet fragrance. The winding trunk has a history of 1,200 years.

Please also watch my YouTube video for this marvelous wisteria.

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