Cerasus spachiana Miharu takizakura 三春滝桜

The Miharu Takizakura – Cascading waterfall cherry flowers-

The Miharu Takizakura is one of the most famous cherry blossom trees in Japan, known as one of the three giant cherry trees of Japan. Takizakura belongs a group called Benisidare (Cerasus spachiana var. pendula ‘Itosakura’).

The tree is called Miharu Takizakura since growing in Taki area in Miharu town in Fukushima Prefecture. Also, Taki in Japanese means waterfall, reflecting figure of tree’s wide drooping branches around 20 meters like a cascading waterfall.

The tree is considered more than 1,000 years old and designated a national treasure in 1922, one of the first designated cherry trees, and cerebrates centennial jubilee.

This tree has suffered from countless natural disasters such as heavy snow falls and great earthquakes and got severe damages every time, however has survived.

On a main trunk, which about 9.5m around, moss grows and makes us feel the history of 1000 years.The weeping pale pink tiny flowers are so cute.

Cerasus spachiana Miharu takizakura 三春滝桜

Please also YouTube video for this wonderful flower tree.

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