Cerasus spachiana 'Jindai akebono'/ Cherry var. Jindai-akebono/ ジンダイアケボノ

Full blossom of Cherry in Jindai Botanical Garden

Cerasus spachiana 'Jindai akebono'/ Cherry var. Jindai-akebono/ ジンダイアケボノ
Cerasus spachiana ‘Jindai akebono’/ Cherry var. Jindai-akebono/ ジンダイアケボノ

Jindai Botanical Garden in Chofu-city, on the Musashino Hills, in the western suburbs of Tokyo, is one of the best botanical gardens.

Cherry blossoms in full bloom welcome us here and there in the park, but Cherry Garden, where you can enjoy various varieties of cherry blossoms, is especially attractive.

Among them, many people gather around the original tree of Jindai Akebono, which is expected to be successor to the most popular Somei-yoshino, because of its excellent properties, and admire its beauty appearance.

There is an interesting story of the name of this Jindai-akebono. It is a famous story that many cherry blossoms including Somei-yoshino were sent from Japan to Washington in 1912, and now it has become beautiful Potomac River cherry. A wonderful variety called “Akebono” was born from the seedlings of Somei-yoshino in there, and I returned to Japan. However, since there was already a variety called “Akebono” in Japan, this variety came to be named “America”

In this “America” planted in Jindai Botanical Garden, a tree with wonderful properties that makes beautiful flowers bloom was identified, and this variety was named Jindai-akebono from the history so far. From the perspective of Somei-yoshino, it is a grandchild variety. This variety blooms same time or a day or two earlier than Somei-yoshino, with a slightly darker pink gradation flower, and not only of this beautiful looking, but it is also resistant to the disease that is a problem in Somei-yoshino. It is expected to be the successor to Somei-yoshino. Cherry seedlings grown from this original tree are now being planted all over the country little by little.

Why don’t you enjoy the cherry blossoms that are in full bloom in the Cherry Garden, not only Jindi-akebono.

And near the Cherry Garden, we can enjoy almond flowers, which are rare in Japan, and peach blossoms, which are in full bloom like cherry blossoms.

 At the ground of the park, we cam also enjoy watching wild flowers in spring.

Please watch a video of Jindai botanical garden

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