Beginning of cherry season in Tokyo, Shinjuku-Gyoen

In Tokyo, although the temperature rises and falls sharply on cold days with sleet, on the relatively sunny spring equinox day, I went to Shinjuku Gyoen, where the cherry blossoms are now start in best blooming time.

Early-blooming varieties such as Yoko or Higan varieties are in full bloom. Takato Kohigan is a rare variety in Tokyo. Kohigan represents varieties that bloom small flowers around the spring equinox.

Takto-kohigan, Takato is derived from Takato Town, Nagano Prefecture, the hometown of the Naito clan, feudal lord in Edo era, the original owner of this garden.

Somei-yoshino cherry tree is also beginning to bloom, and it will be in full bloom this weekend.

Not only the cherry blossoms, but also white magnolia shows a beautiful appearance.

If you want to watch more in video, please watch this YouTube video

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