Blossoms of Original tree of herry var. Kawazu-zakura

I have enjoyed the early blooming cherry blossom in Kawadzu

Blossoms of Original tree of herry var. Kawazu-zakura
Cerasus × kanzakura ‘Kawazu-zakura’/ Cherry var. Kawazu-zakura/ カワヅザクラ 河津桜

In the hometown of Kawazu cherry, popular early-blooming cherry, often seen in also Tokyo, I enjoyed blossom viewing a little earlier. It seems that this year is more than a week behind last year, it was the earliest cherry blossoms season, but the original tree of this variety has been just in full bloom. Large, slightly purplish-scarlet flowers bloom in a slightly downward inflorescence looks like ball.

Blossoms of Original tree of cherry var. Kawazu-zakura

The color of the flowers and the early blooming that blooms downward are considered to be the influence of the Taiwan cherry (Cerasus campanulata), and the large size of flower is coming from Oshima cherry (Cerasus speciosa ) and this variety is considered to be developed by natural cross of both varieties.

Full blooming tree of Original tree of herry var. Kawazu-zakura

About 60-year-old original tree with a height and width of about 10 m, and it feels relatively young and small as a original tree. I understand  this sice and figure is a reason why many plants are planted all over the country, including the fact that they bloom early.

Kawadzu river

The rows of cherry blossom trees along the Kawazu River bank were a little bit earlier to the full bloom time. but many people waiting for spring enjoyed there.

On a bank of Kawadzu river

It was a just earlier before it becomes in full bloom, but many people enjoyed a gentle spring day.

 Daifunto Park

I enjoyed the self-propelled hot spring that spouted up to about 30m while soaking in the footbath. Although the wind was a little strong, I enjoyed the gentle early spring day in there.

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