Flowering False anemone/ レンゲショウマ 蓮華升麻

False anemone in Tonogayato garden

Flowering False anemone/ レンゲショウマ 蓮華升麻
Anemonopsis macrophylla/ False anemone/ レンゲショウマ 蓮華升麻

Still, we are having the hottest days, I visited Tonogayato garden and was relieved by a pretty flower of false anemone (Anemonopsis macrophylla, Japanese name Renge-syoma). This plant blooms pale lavender color flower looks like anemone or spring ephemeral in middle of hot summer.

The garden is not so large but attractive garden featuring three different types of landscape using unique natural terrain as edge of the Musashino plateau.

This place was used as a villa of founder of Mitsubishi zaibatu, Iwasaki family and well-designed of combination of western style landscape garden and Japanese traditional garden of strolling around pond. In the garden I was in shower of cicadas’ song and rich nature and I could not believe I was just in center of Kokubunji city.

We will have the first day of autumn in Japanese lunar calendar soon, and I can find some flowers of ‘Autumn seven herbs’. I summarized data of Tonogayato garden in my website below, you can jump to the data of this garden from the bottom line of jumped page.

Platycodon grandifloras/ Balloon flower/ キキョウ 桔梗
Patrinia scabiosifolia/ Patrinia/ オミナエシ 女郎花

I summarized data of Tonogayato garden in here. Please jump to data if you want to know about Tonogayato garden.

Data of Tonogayato garden

Lespedeza bicolor/ Bush clover/ ハギ 萩

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