Exhibition of Frolicking Animals

Yesterday, I went to Tokyo National Museum, it has been reopened from 1 of June after temporally closure from 25 April because of COVID19 emergency declaration of Tokyo area, to watch the special exhibition on National Treasure “Frolicking Animals”. This picture scroll, consists of 4 rolls and total 44m, is one of the most famous works in the history of Japanese painting. It depicts the activities of anthropomorphized animals and people in energetic monochrome ink lines. This exhibition is so popular to hard to get a ticket, but I can manage to buy tickets on late evening yesterday. Visitors are requested to watch only from on a moving walkway by keeping distance without stopping one place for watching the most famous part 1, 11m long picture scroll. Although we cannot to stop one place to watch thoroughly, but it is good way to avoid heavy crowd. 

I can watch many kinds of scene depicted not only the most famous part, sumo wrestling of rabbit and frogs, but also many interesting scene including human beings and many animals, on this mysterious scrolls. We cannot take pictures on genuine ones, but we can take picture of copied ones for explanation exhibited in main building.

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