Kyoto Gyoen National garden and Kan’in-no-miya residence

Kyoto Gyoen National garden (10 September 2020)

Kyoto Gyoen National garden is huge garden including Imperial palace and Sento imperial palace, but start from outside imperial palace. There are 9 gates at Kyoto Gyoen National garden, but most famous one is Hamaguri gate.

Hamaguri gate, literally Clam gate, the gate known as unopened except in a case of fire, so opened like heated clam. The official name is Shinzaemon.

Hamaguri gate

Huge gravel streets are designed in the garden

Main road in Kyoto Gyoen National garden

Also we can enjoy strolling along natural flow named demizu-no-small river

Demizu-no-small river

I visited Kan’in-no-miya residence, former one of the imperial families’ residence through an elegant shape of East gate.Elegant shape of East gate of Kan'in-no-miya residence.

I relaxed in a calm and tranquil old residence of imperial family’s residence

Middle court of Kan'in-no-miya residence.

Kan'in-no-miya residence.

Let’s move to Sento Imperial palace next.

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