Syowa kinen park, hot but pleasant day

Syowa kinen park (05 6 2020)

I visited Syowa kinen park with my family for light exercising for out of my shape.

Main entrance of the park

It was a little bit hot nearly 30 degrees Celsius, but wind  from pond of Japanese Iris, Iris ensata,

or under the shade of big Keyaki (Japanese elm) was quite good.

Japanese Iris, Iris ensata

Iris ensata var. ensata/ Japanese iris/ Hanasyoubu ハナショウブ

Keyaki (Zelkova)

Zelkova serrata/ Japanese elm/ Keyaki ケヤキ

 Then we visited the Emperor Show Memorial Museum next to the park first time. I was very impressed by the exhibits showing 87year history of the Emperor.

And we were so lucky as no other visitors in there and a staff was so kindly explained in details one by one including a secret story of the car for the Imperial family.




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