I have visited a reopened Shinjuku Gyoen garden

Shinjuku Gyoen (02 06 2020)

I visited Shinjuku gyoen garden yesterday at the day of reopen after the lift of emergency declaration.

This garden is divided into mainly 4 parts, such as Japanese garden (strolling style) , Landscape garden (English style), Formal garden (French style) and man-made nature harmonized forest (Satoyama, mother and child forest)


Landscape garden (English style)

Landscape garden area, we can be relaxed on the lawn of the garden. Also we can see scape of sky scraper backdrop of the scene. Very cozy area!

Landscape garden (English style)

Let’s move to Japanese garden, typical garden style of strolling around pond.

I was very relaxed in the garden well maintained even during closed period.

Japanese garden

Japanese garden

Another Western style of  garden style, Formal garden or French style.

rose garden formal garden (French style)

Although roses in the garden, little bit passed the best season, can still enjoy me to admire these beauties enough.

rose garden

Ingrid Bergman, Hybrid Tea

Unfortunately, a large greenhouse was still closed, but it will be reopened soon.

entrance of greenhouse

Then I visited to Satoyama area, where you can find nature of forest surrounding village used be commonly seen this area.

approach to Mother and child forest (satoyam) area

Mother and child forest (satoyam) area

If you want know more about Shinjuku Gyoen, please click here for more information.

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