Zenpukuji park and Inokashira park, cherry blossoms

Zenpukuji park and Inokashira park (15 03 2020)

As I heard a news that cherry blossom (in this case Someiyoshino) starts blossom,

I visit Zenpukuji park first .

Upper pond in the park

Upper pond in the park

This park is famous of calm ponds which water from a natural spring named Osoinoi (slow well). In the park many neighbors visit for relaxing.

Osonoi (slow well) fall

Osonoi (slow well) fall

In the park, kanhizakura (Taiwan cherry) blooms with eye-catching strong pink flowers.

Cerasus campanulata/ Taiwan cherry/ カンヒザクラ 寒緋桜

And a few flowers of Someiyochino variety has been opened already.

I stroll along a small stream between two ponds.

Small streem in the park

I can find many flowers of Japanese andromeda in the park.

And then I move to another park, Inokashira park.

Small streem in the park

train crossing in the park

Some flowers of Someiyoshino by a pond have also started to bloom.

Central pond in the park

Many visitors enjoy boating in a pond.

Main road to the park is full of visitors.

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