Cherry blossom front (Sakura Zensen)

On March 14 2020, bloom of cherry blossom in Tokyo was declared by the Japan Meteorological Agency, based on 5-6 blossoms confirmed on the standard tree of Someiyoshino variety. It is the earliest record in Tokyo since 1953 when official observation started.

It is said 300-600 varieties are cultivated in Japan form early blooming (such as Atami-zakura start blooming January) to late variety (such as Kenrokuken-kikuzakura blooming in May ), but it is said the most popular variety “Someiyoshino” is sharing about 80% of planted cherry and grown in almost all Japan (except Okinawa and Hokkaido). If you are interested in cherry varieties more, please jump to my page on cherry where you can watch pictures of about 100 cherry varieties.

The all planted “Someiyoshino” are clone and blooming in same time, same place under given temperature condition. Therefore “bloom forecast” (cherry blossom front) can be possible and announced in March by the Japan Meteorological Agency every year.

Japanese people are looking forward to hearing “bloom forecast” and start to plan cherry blossom viewing parties. This year many Japanese are worried about unpredictable future by the new-corona-virus from Wuhan, but cherry blossoms blooms as usual.

Cherry blossom in 2019, Ueno park Tokyo 2019.03.30



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