Cherry blossom front (Sakura Zensen)

On March 14 2020, bloom of cherry blossom in Tokyo was declared by the Japan Meteorological Agency, based on 5-6 blossoms confirmed on the standard tree of Someiyoshino variety. It is the earliest record in Tokyo since 1953 when official observation started. It is said 300-600 varieties are cultivated in Japan form early blooming (such as Atami-zakura start blooming January) to late variety (such as Kenrokuken-kikuzakura blooming in May ), but it is said the most popular variety “Someiyoshino” is sharing about 80% of planted cherry and grown in almost all Japan (except Okinawa and Hokkaido). If you are interested in … Continue reading Cherry blossom front (Sakura Zensen)

Zenpukuji park and Inokashira park, cherry blossoms

Zenpukuji park and Inokashira park (15 03 2020) As I heard a news that cherry blossom (in this case Someiyoshino) starts blossom, I visit Zenpukuji park first . This park is famous of calm ponds which water from a natural spring named Osoinoi (slow well). In the park many neighbors visit for relaxing. In the park, kanhizakura (Taiwan cherry) blooms with eye-catching strong pink flowers. And a few flowers of Someiyochino variety has been opened already. I stroll along a small stream between two ponds. I can find many flowers of Japanese andromeda in the park. And then I move … Continue reading Zenpukuji park and Inokashira park, cherry blossoms